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After Sales Services

Order fulfilment and customer service:

The organization believes in long term relations. The after sales service is as important as a good quality execution.

The team co-ordinates with the end users at regular intervals, to check the working conditions, feedback on the response of the service personnel and evolve methods to improve the existing operations.

Service teams are trained on the safety aspects of working.

  • Our Software Products & Services comprises of
    1. Extensive Help
    2. Training to the personnel at different levels(Operational, Managerial, Top management)
    3. On-the-site support
    4. On-line Support (Emails, Team Viewer Software)
    5. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

  • In software field, customer needs services like training, new reports, changes in software as per his requirements because he/she comes to know his need better after using software for some days. This is a reality. We minimise these chances of changes by interviewing them. We have also developed questionnaire to know the customer requirements.