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We think of infrastructure as “The Six Key Areas of Business.
  • Leadership, Operations and Administration
  • Finance
  • Marketing, Sales and Procurement,
  • Law, Regulations and Compliance,
  • Service Product and Innovation, and
  • Technologies.

Our Business is based on solid foundations of vision, mission & business plan.

We have clear set of goals, objectives & Policies.

We posses good relationships with our customers, suppliers.

We have set processes & communication systems.

We believe in proactive decisions for any change in the current system.

Consistency is most important aspects of our business.

  1. Organisational Infrastructure

  2. Location, Land and Building

    Pune is an ideal destination for Information Technology. We are centrally placed in the heart of the city. At present we are having our own office.

    1. Our Registered Office: B-202, Bharat Bhavan, 1360, Shukrawar Peth, Pune 411002, INDIA.
    2. Working Office: 19 ‘Haritas’, Milap Soc., Patwardhan Baug, Erandawane, Pune 411004, INDIA.

Organisational Chart