Company Insights

About Beehive Computer Systems (BCS).

BCS is a Pune based firm engaged in the field of Data Analytics, Statistical processing and Software, Web development for the past 15 years. BCS has served various Engineering units, Govt., Semi-Govt. organizations, Educational Institutions, Research Centers, Security Service Companies and many other professional establishments in and around Maharashtra.

You can certainly have total solution under one roof.

BCS Vision
  • We believe, quality is a continuous process tending to perfection.
  • We are committed to highest standards of ethics & values.
  • We persue professionalism at all levels of our business.
  • We are technology driven company, hence we believe in intelligence, innovation, skills, teamwork & integrity of our employees.
  • We provide cost effective solutions for the benefit of our customers.

“Beehive” as the name resembles
  • Interactive and inclusive architecture.
  • Effective Communication
  • Inclusive and open intelligence.
  • Powerful design and mechanisms in place for strategic aspects of expansion and survival.
  • Attends to and regulates all life span needs.
  • Expands via "new ventures" (the swarm).
  • Our Business is based on solid foundations of vision, mission & business plan.
  • We have clear set of goals, objectives & Policies.
  • We posses good relationships with our customers, suppliers.
  • We have set processes & communication systems.
  • We believe in proactive decisions for any change in the current system.
  • Consistency is most important aspects of our business.

Order fulfilment and customer service:

The organization believes in long term relations. The after sales service is as important as a good quality execution.

The team co-ordinates with the end users at regular intervals, to check the working conditions, feedback on the response of the service personnel and evolve methods to improve the existing operations.

  • Our Software Products & Services comprises of
    • Extensive Help
    • Training to the personnel at different levels(Operational, Managerial, Top management)
    • On-the-site support
    • On-line Support (Emails, Team Viewer Software)
    • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
  • In software field, customer needs services like training, new reports, changes in software as per his requirements because he/she comes to know his need better after using software for some days. This is a reality. We minimise these chances of changes by interviewing them. We have also developed questionnaire to know the customer requirements.

1. We follow specific procedure as a quality policy of our organization, which is used as a guideline for the implementation & to maintain quality of our software products & services

Our Quality Management Framework
Quality Policy

2. Our Quality Policy is based on following Quality management principals.

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Involvement of people
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continual improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

  • BCS is committed to delivering Quality software to our customers
  • We create project management plan to all our projects
  • Project Performance reports are created at specific intervals
  • Architectural design of a software is unambiguous, correct and as per the requirements
  • We use predefined coding standards
  • Software Test Plan (STP) is prepared for all projects. STP describes the project’s approach to unit, integration and acceptance testing.
  • Managing quality : All projects shall plan and perform the software quality management activities required to ensure that the customer's stated and implied needs are met and that the software product is developed in compliance with recognized best practice
  • Managing people: Project managers shall be responsible for ensuring that development team members are aware of their quality responsibilities and appropriately trained to perform their assigned tasks.